july 2nd, 2003

Yay, more updates. Added a couple of more paintings to all the sections, so check them. Not necessarily new stuff, but I thought they were interesting enough to show them. Come back in a couple of week as I'll have some new paintings in the watercolor section.

I also made the images on my website smaller so it's more "user-friendly" for people that don't run their monitors in super hi-res...should be safe for 1024 x 768.

My biography page is a bit more interesting now...I just used an article that was written about me in JUXTAPOZ Magazine a while back. Jeez, it sure doesn't sound like me.


june 18th, 2003

After almost one and a half years, I finally have gotten the chance to update this site!!! I just wanted to simplify my site even further and make it as quick to get through as possible. So I put in some new artwork that I've done over the past couple of months. So what's next? I'm not sure really...having a day job makes it harder than ever to find time to do artwork, but I'm aiming to do a collection of extremely sad watercolors and hopefully I'll have them for a show sometime next year. As for acrylics, I kind of gave up on that as I've been getting frustrated with the medium recently. My last piece using acrylics was Morphia's Waltz . I think the next logical step for me is oils, but they used to make my nose bleed back in art school. I'll probably start off with some small side show freak paintings, then see if I can get more ambitious from there.