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From JUXTAPOZ Magazine, September/October Issue, 2001:

You might say Gerald de Jesus has always had a dark side; while his fellow kindergarteners were content to read Dick and Jane books and believe in happy endings, he was starting his art career drawing the scenes of dinosaurs eating people that were missing from standard children's literary offerings. Not much has changed; the L.A.-based de Jesus' art is still all about "death and tragedy" but retains a "classic, children's -book sort of look." That may explain why the artist can list Beatrix Potter and David Lynch as his heroes in the same breath, because "tragedy is a lot more appealing with gobs and gobs of humor and pretty images poured over it." Maybe it's because de Jesus has always painted destruction that he fears his own; his plans for the near future consist solely of "realizing all the ideas I have for paintings before something bad happens to me." Talk about an active imagination.

-Daniel Knapp

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